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09 December 2010 @ 07:54 pm
Ok the lj ads are starting to bother me lol.

Watching old puppet Christmas movies and then cleaning and packing. Leaving tomorrow for Melissa's and then going back home on Sunday. One month vacation whooooooo! Dude, Donald Duck is such a dick. He's like, beating his nephews right now lmao.

I've been watching way too many weird ass movies and have been blown for the last 4 days so I slept allll day today. Felt so amazing. Now I'm finally up and ready to get down to work...after more movies XD

I bought a new child from Blue in the Face. Need to use it a bit more before it gets a name.

I want a pair of roller blades and also roller blade skill. Effing, it's going to be Christmas soon. Damn, excitement. I need to keep my mind active so that I don't fall back asleep. lmfao Wow my life.
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